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Are you ready to make your pilgrimage even more special? With VIP Umrah Taxi, you can visit the holy sites in Makkah, Madinah, and Taif easily and comfortably. Imagine a stress-free journey where you can focus on your prayers while we take care of your travel needs. Our Ziyarat Taxi service is here to provide you with a smooth, luxurious experience, so you can fully enjoy your spiritual journey.

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Ziyarat Places & Fare Prices

Makkah Ziyarat

13 Places (2.5 hours trip)

  1. Al Khyf Mosque: In Mina, there is Al Khyf Mosque. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and many prophets before him prayed here. It is a very well-known location in Islamic history.
  2. Canal of Zubaida: Queen Zubaida, the wife of Caliph Harun al-Rashid, built this canal to provide water to Hajj and Umrah pilgrims.
  3. Sacrifice Place (Mina): Mina, also known as the “City of Tents,” is where pilgrims perform animal sacrifice during Hajj. This act commemorates Prophet Ibrahim’s ( عليه السلام ) willingness to sacrifice his son as an act of obedience to Allah’s command.
  4. Muzdalifah: Muzdalifah is a place to collect pebbles for stoning the devil. It is also a place for prayer and thinking.
  5. Cave of Thawr: This cave is where Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and his friend Abu Bakr (RA) hid during their journey to Madinah. A spider web and a dove’s nest miraculously protected them from enemies.
  6. Jabal al-Rahmah: The Mount of Mercy, in Arafah, is where Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) gave his Farewell Sermon.
  7. Nimrah Mosque: In Arafah, Nimrah Mosque is where the Prophet (PBUH) delivered part of his Farewell Sermon. It is a central spot during the Hajj pilgrimage.
  8. Arafah: The Day of Arafah, spent on the plains of Arafat near Makkah, is considered the most important day of Hajj. Pilgrims stand in prayer, performing Zuhr and Asr prayers together at noon, seeking forgiveness and making supplications to Allah. It is believed to be a day of immense mercy and forgiveness.
  9. Mina: Besides being the place for sacrifice, Mina is where pilgrims perform the symbolic stoning of the devil at the Jamarat pillars, following Prophet Ibrahim’s (AS) example.
  10. Jamarat (Devil): The three pillars in Mina represent the devil. Pilgrims throw pebbles at these pillars, showing they reject evil and temptation.
  11. Cave of Hira: On Jabal al-Noor, this cave is where Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) received the first ayat of the Quran from Angel Jibreel. It is a very important spiritual place.
  12. Muqbra Maula: This cemetery is where many of the Prophet’s (PBUH) companions (Sahaba) are buried. Visiting here reminds us of their sacrifices and contributions to Islam.
  13. Masjid al-Jinn: This mosque marks the spot where a group of jinn (unseen beings) heard Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) recite the Quran and embraced Islam. It shows that Islam’s message is for everyone.

Fare Rates

Vehicle TypeFare (SR)
Hyundai Sonata200
Toyota Camry200
SUV Chevrolet Suburban500
SUV GMC Yukon XL500
Hyundai Starex H1250
Hyundai Staria300
Toyota Hiace450
Toyota Coaster600

The above rates are for a complete Makkah ziyarat depending on your chosen car, and the route will be: Masjid al-Jinn → Cave of Hira → Muqbra Maula → Al Khyf Mosque → Sacrifice Place → Jamarat → Arafah → Jabal al-Rahmah → Nimrah Mosque → Muzdalifah → Cave of Thawr → Canal of Zubaida.


Madinah Ziyarat

6 Places (2 hours trip)

  1. Quba Mosque: It is the first mosque that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) built upon his arrival in Madinah.
  2. Ghars Well: Ghars Well is a historic well in Madinah from which Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) used to drink water.
  3. Qiblatayn Mosque: Qiblatayn Mosque is the mosque of two Qiblas. This is where the direction of prayer (Qibla) was changed from the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem to the Kaaba in Mecca by the command of Allah.
  4. Saba Mosque: is the group of the seven small Mosques situated at the site of the Battle of Khandaq (غزوة الأحزاب).
  5. Jummah Mosque: Jummah Mosque is where Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) led the first Friday congregational prayer in Madinah.
  6. Mount Uhud: Mount Uhud is the site of the famous Battle of Uhud (غزوة أحد), where the Muslims battled against the Quraysh.

Fare Prices

Car TypeFare (SR)
Hyundai Sonata200
Toyota Camry200
SUV Chevrolet Suburban500
SUV GMC Yukon XL500
Hyundai Starex H1250
Hyundai Staria300
Toyota Hiace300
Toyota Coaster550

Most common route for Maidnah Ziyarat: Quba Mosque → Ghars Well → Qiblatayn Mosque → Saba Mosque → Jummah Mosque → Mount Uhud.

Madinah Ziyarat complete package

Taif Ziyarat

5 Places (5 hours trip)

  1. Abdullah Ibn Abbas Mosque: This mosque is named after the famous companion of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), Abdullah Ibn Abbas. It is one of the oldest mosques in Taif.
  2. Ali Mosque: Ali Mosque is named after the cousin, son-in-law of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), and fourth Caliph of Islam, Ali ibn Abi Talib.
  3. Rasool Mosque (Alkou) & Miqat: Rasool Mosque, also known as Alkou Mosque serves as one of the Miqat (station of entering Ihram) for pilgrims who come to perform Hajj or Umrah.
  4. Wadi Mahram (Kran Al Mnazil): Wadi Mahram, also known as Kran Al Mnazil, is a valley and another Miqat for Hajj and Umrah pilgrims.

Fare Prices

Car TypeFare (SR)
Hyundai Sonata500
Toyota Camry500
SUV Chevrolet Suburban1000
SUV GMC Yukon XL1000
Hyundai Starex H1600
Hyundai Staria600
Toyota Hiace800
Toyota Coaster1000

Preferred Route for Taif Ziyarat: Abdullah Ibn Abbas Mosque → Abbas Mosque → Ali Mosque → Rasool Mosque (Alkou) & Miqat → Wadi Mahram (Kran Al Mnazil).

Taif-Ziyarat-complete package

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